Sunday, February 05, 2006

The end is surely nigh..

After all my shenaningans in the Angouleme snow I've not felt too well this week and in fact felt quite horrible over this weekend. I'm trying to draw an epic Derek adventure but I couldn't ink to save my life today after a couple of excellent days pencilling. My brain is verging on delirium and I've developed horrifying "devil powers".
This morning I was admiring a pretty little yellow fish in my aquarium and reflecting on how lovely it was that he was born and bred and that very same tank and what a lucky soul he was to have a stress-free life swiddling about without a care in the world.
When I looked again a couple of hours later he was dead.

Then later this evening, someone was revving up a car outside my house whilst I was trying to listen to the mad ramblings of the deluded psychics on "Britain's Greatest Psychic" on channel 5. So I twitched my curtain to see who it was, glared at them and they almost instantaeously drove off.
Job done.
To cap it all, I found myself downloading a KT Tunstall track off i-tunes. I'm definitely very ill. Next thing you know I'll have visions of xylophones flying through the air (this actually happened to me when I was about 7 years old, so it's not as strange as it sounds).
I'm not exactly the King of Spain yet, but considering the path I'm veering down I wouldn't bet against it.