Monday, January 30, 2006

Snowy Angouleme

Popped over to Angouleme for the weekend and had a lovely time buying new comics and drinking lager.

It also snowed extremely heavily throughout Saturday and I love snow me. Saturday evening consisted of going to a party in honour of the excellent Finnish cartooning contingent, with all it's free booze and snazzy music. Then, when all the free booze ran out at 1 o'clock, me and my friend Matt decided to find somewhere that was still serving beer (Hotel Mercure most likely). But instead we degenerated into having an hour-long snowball fight throughout the streets of Angouleme (sans gloves). It was exactly like a Spaghetti Western, but in the snow. In France.

After an hour we were probably sobering up and getting very cold, so we dropped into the Hotel Mercure for more beer, but that was boring. So we decided to go home or find another pub, or whatever.
Outside I spotted a v.famous cartoonist (best not say who) and I greeted him like an old friend, he reciprocated and was very pleased to meet me. He then asked if we actually knew each other to which I replied "Nope!". Matt then called out, "Hey! {+++insert name of famous cartoonist+++}!" The cartoonist turned round and Matt gestured him to move out of the way and threw a large snowball at me, narrowly missing said famous cartoonist.

Another snowball fight then started up between me and Matt that lasted until about 4 o'clock in the morning.

It was a cracking evening and I'm still surprised that my fingers haven't dropped off from frostbite.
Here's a small selection of photos of the snow in Angouleme and of the snowball fight.

Me in my great new hat, all snowed upon.