Monday, November 12, 2007

C'est bon!

Norbert Le Mouton finally rears his ugly head! The book ought to be out next February/March, which is all very exciting.
The equivalent book from Bloomsbury has been slated for September 2008, just in time for the Christmas market. It seems it's going to be a hardback too, so hopefully Bloomsbury can convince the shops to stock it next to the various Beano Annuals. Maybe they should call it the "Derek the Sheep 2009 Annual" just to fool 'em.

Also got myself some work with the old dip-pen, so all those splats and scratches paid off. Unfortunately it's for two secret projects, So if I told you what they were, I'd then have to kill you. There'll be some ducks though, so don't panic!

I've also been looking at sparrows for an idea I had and it's so sad how their numbers have depleted. I was checking out the RSPB website and they're now on the endangered list, which is pretty shocking. The little things used to be everywhere when I was a kid and it seems to be only starlings hopping about these days. Nothing wrong with starlings though; they've got a certain cheekiness about them.

(Apologies for the waffling; I recently went full-time freelance working on my own all day, so I don't get to talk to real human beings as much these days....)