Saturday, March 31, 2007

As one door closes...

Round up time!

Finally came to the end of an exhausting two year, 60 issue run on "The Magical World Of Roald Dahl". I half expected to find myself putting my feet up a bit more at the weekends, but there's no such luck! My old editor from the Beano is now running the new monthly BeanoMax, so I've drawn one Derek the Sheep spread for him for issue 4, and now have a couple more to be getting on with in the coming months (this on top of Derek's regular Beano appearances).

Also, my big news is that Bloomsbury have agreed to publish a collection of Derek's early strips! Hopefully it should appear next year in time for the Beano's 70th Anniversary. I should also have a similar collection of strips out in France this Autumn with Actes Sud/Editions De L'an 2 under the title "Norbert Le Mouton".
Here's the front cover for that particular book:

(Click le pic)

The cover from Bloomsbury will be quite different to this one, and I should have it completed soon, in time for the Children's book fair in Bologna next month!
So anyway - so much for putting my feet up. Not that I'm complaining of course!

More "Ducks With Beards" coming soon too. Maybe even "Ducks with Beards; In Space - Smoking space Fags".