Sunday, January 21, 2007

I've been getting increasingly dissatisfied with using fibre-tip pens for my work. Mainly because you need so many different sizes and they wear down so quickly, burning a big hole in my pocket money-wise. And so, inspired by my recent reading list of Krazy and Ignatz, Nicolas Mahler, Popeye and the Moomins, I've decided to have a crack at the good old-fashioned dip pen! And you, my friends will be joining me on this voyage of discovery. Yes, I will be shit for a little while, but by gum I'm determined to master the bugger!
I've bought a little sketchbook especially and will draw all manner of nonsense as I try to tame this wild horse! (Bit over-dramatic I know)
Here's my first scribbles, some bees!:

Click to enlarge

I've left in all the splats and dribbles to see if they noticeably diminish throughout my progress. Let's hope!