Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sumo Spiders

Did anyone watch that Beetle Sumo Wrestling on Jonathan Ross's Japanorama? People turn up with their personal stag beetles and watch them do battle in tiny arenas. Anyone?
I was inspired to try it out on two huge spiders in my garden. I picked one up with the end of a broomstick and put it in the web of a similarly sized monster and stood back to watch the mayhem.
Well, to be honest, it was all a bit embarrassing. The owner of the web dashed straight after the intruder, they flapped their arms about a bit and the intruder ran off and hid under a leaf! I thought spiders were meant to be hard! What a load of rubbish. I was entertained for exactly 5 seconds. Maybe I'll put them in tiny canoes next time and they can race each other around a big puddle. Perhaps that's where their competitive talents lie.

Sumo Garden Spider ready for action. Or not as the case may be.