Thursday, June 15, 2006

Laziness equals punishment by God.

I decided to take a couple of weeks off to watch the footy; which seemed like a great idea, but after 5 or 6 days lounging on the sofa drinking lager and scoffing jaffa cakes I woke up this morning with one of the most painful stiff necks in the history of the Earth. If I turn to the left I get a tremendous stabbing pain in my neck, so I have to walk about looking to the right. It's a bit dodgy going down the stairs I can tell you.

I haven't had a decent day off for ages, i.e. sitting about doing bugger all, answering to no one, no responsibilities, reading comics and listening to music, that sort of thing. My weekends tend to involve writing and drawing Derek or drawing Roald Dahl and I'm usually wracked with guilt if I vaguely visit the shops to buy a mars bar or some lager. So I was really looking forward to taking it easy in a guilt-free manner and instead I ended up watching the German V Poland match like an invalid wrapped in a blanket (I couldn't put a shirt on!!!) propped up by cushions living in fear whenever I'd shout obscenities at the T.V. as invariably I'd get a great big shot of pain up my spine when excitable.

It's just flipping typical that's all I can say.

A few G & T's seem to have dulled the pain, so hopefully I'll be ok tomorrow.

In other news I have an interview in the children's magazine Aquila. It's subscription only, but this month they have an online preview version and you can download it here. Big thanks to Sue Wilkes who conducted the interview.