Friday, March 17, 2006

goodbye cruel world...

Yet more evidence that we're all going to die horribly within the next twenty years. Oh well, I guess it's all going to go a bit "Mad Max" as we drive about in our mad cars with rockets sellotaped to the sides and lethal boomerangs. All of South London will just be a big desert filled with dinosaur people who live in caves, so you won't want to leave your front door.
Fortunately I live opposite a row of shops, so I'll probably be one of the lucky ones.

In other news, I visited that Giant Squid at the Natural History Museum. Very peculiar. it's kept in a room full of pickled animals in jars, including monkeys. I asked if they had a pickled gorilla, and they did! I also asked what was the largest mammal they had pickled; the curator starting telling me about some whale or something, and I said "No, don't you have a pickled elephant?".
I don't think she was too impressed (nor were my fellow visitors, but someone had to ask!). I'd pay money to see an elephant pickled in a jar.

No drawings today, as they are a bit boring.